"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

Make Me Smile International (MMSI) is a non-profit organisation based in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Since 2012 Make Me Smile International holds the certificate for tax deductibility in Austria. In 2020 the non-profit status/tax exemption was also granted for Germany and Switzerland. In cooperation with local partner organisations MMSI is active in Kenya, Colombia and Lebanon.


Make Me Smile International Team Austria

Maximilian Ullrich Chairman and Managing Director
Roger Winandy Deputy Chairman
Irmgard Ullrich Treasurer
Shantu Watt Deputy Treasurer
Raoul d’Harambure Secretary
Valerie Goidinger Deputy Secretary

Make Me Smile International Team Germany

Anna Balthasar First Chairperson
Martin Spundflasche Second Chairperson
Elisabeth Lill Deputy of First Chairperson
Magdalena Pircher Deputy of Second Chairperson
Roger Winandy Treasurer
Maximilian Ullrich Secretary
Irmgard Ullrich Deputy Treasurer
Lisa Hachenberg Deputy Secretary

Make Me Smile International Team Switzerland

Elian Kool President
Rebekka Kool Board Member
Matthias Herrmann Board Member
Rolf Widmer Board Member
Maximilian Ullrich Board Member
Irmgard Ullrich Board Member
Urs Zweifel Accounting