Africa Aweee is a social project that empowers communities in South Africa through skills development, job creation, and education. 
Below are some of the projects that aim to create a positive impact in different communities.


Future Hub of Africa is an IT training center located at the borders of the townships of Cape Town, South Africa. The center provides computer literacy and coding courses for students from underprivileged backgrounds. It aims to bridge the digital divide and provide opportunities for the youth to develop their skills and secure jobs in the tech industry.


BLOOM is a social project located in Imizamo Yethu settlement, Cape Town. The project empowers women by creating an ecosystem that uplifts them and their families. Through skills development and job creation, women are empowered to realize their own vision of a future free from hunger and poverty. The project also provides training and a platform for the women to teach traditional Xhosa cuisine.


Little Explorers is a mother-to-child program that aims to stimulate children’s development, teach basic nutrition, and first aid skills to mothers. The program also provides a space for parents to connect and share experiences. At the end of the course, participants receive a certificate of completion.


Gospel Outreach Educare is a kindergarten in the township of Imizamo Yethu that caters to children aged three to six. The project aims to provide quality early childhood development in an area with limited public infrastructure. However, due to the pandemic, the organization is facing challenges in covering basic costs.


The project aims to construct an early childhood development center (ECD) in the Esterhof Extension area near Riebeek Kasteel. The area recently experienced a housing shortage, and while 435 plots were provided, there is a lack of educational facilities. The ECD center will consist of three classrooms, a kitchen for meals, administrative facilities, and a covered outdoor play area. It will accommodate 75-90 children aged 1 to 9 years old, providing them with access to early education, nutrition, and a safe space to learn and play. With the support of the local municipality, construction was completed in December 2022, and opened in March 2023.


The Sprightly Seed is a non-profit organization that works to ensure that educational facilities in low-income communities are equipped to provide food security and nutrition for children. The project delivers food garden infrastructure to child-focused projects and provides training and development monitoring for over one year to ensure long-term food security.