Ukrainian Education Platform

We are proud to have contributed to the relief efforts of the Ukrainian Education Platform (UEP), an NGO that has been supporting internally displaced people and children in need for the past 20 years. Since the start of the conflict in 2014, the UEP has been working tirelessly to provide emergency shelters, psychological support, and vital supplies to those affected by the conflict in the Donbas region of Eastern Ukraine. 

Their work has unfortunately become even more necessary since the war began in 2022.

As the situation continues to be critical, especially for children who have lost their homes and families, the UEP has been supporting families with children arriving in Lviv, orphanages relocating from the Eastern part of Ukraine, and providing accommodation for people on the move through a network of other partners throughout Ukraine. They have been coordinating the transportation of humanitarian aid and working with local businesses and organizations to ensure that aid supplies are distributed effectively.

At Make Me Smile International, we are honored to have helped fundraise for the UEP’s efforts to provide critical support to those affected by the conflict. Through our collective efforts, we can continue to provide hope and comfort to those in need and support organizations like the UEP that make a difference in the lives of those affected by conflict and displacement.