Fundación Estación Biológica Bachaqueros

Fundación Estación Biológica Bachaqueros (FEBB) has been working towards restoring tropical ecosystems for the past 25 years. Through their Native Forest Revival Project, they aim to plant 1,000,000 native trees in areas affected by the loss of biodiversity and water shortage. The project includes training and engaging forest guardians to organize workshops in different areas of Colombia to help local communities, farmers, and indigenous groups identify seeds, germinate them, and set up nurseries to produce new trees.

FEBB’s methodology for this project, called social axial dynamic research, emphasizes on recovering threatened local flora and planting native hardwood species in accordance with the international list of threatened species. With a goal of producing and planting 100,000 native trees in the first phase, the project aims to protect areas and defend trees of cultural and ecological importance. By interconnecting different micro-nurseries, the project helps to create a network of ecosystems and restore wildlife corridors for animals like the jaguar.

The Native Forest Revival Project has been supported by Make Me Smile International. Through this partnership, the project has been able to build a team of local volunteers and employees, contract trainers for the workshops, and create a network of micro and macro nurseries to support the restoration of natural forests.