global run 2024

22nd and 23rd of June 2024

Join the Global Run 2024 and become part of a global movement for climate protection! Run, swim or cycle and share your experiences with us.

June 2024

climate justice

and why we are worried

Recent events in Kenya have gotten us more and more worried about the climate crisis and sparked thoughts about how we want to and why we see it as our responsibility to fight climate change.

May 2024


in Kenya

Kathi spent several months as a volunteer with Make Me Smile Kenya as part of her voluntary social year and talks about her experiences and impressions

April 2024

future hub

goes South Africa

The success of the future hub in Mayenya inspired our amazing partners from Africa Awee to also offer IT-course to the community in Cape Town.

March 2024


to our blog

For quite some time we have been planning and thinking about starting this blog, but we were so busy running the projects that we just did not have time. So what awaits you here?

March 2024